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Baked Corn #sikandalouscuisine

A Basic Bechamel Sauce is commonly known as White Sauce . This sauce is regarded as the mother sauce of French Cuisine 
.I use flavored milk while making my sauce . This enhances flavors to delicious results.
​For The Sauce:​
 Liter Milk
1 Bay Leaf.
Bouquet Garni - Herbs tied in a muslin cloth
5-7 Black Peppercorn.
 Tablespoons Butter .
 Tablespoons Flour.
60 Ml Cream + A Pinch Soda Bi Carb ( You can skip , but this enhances flavors )

​Other Ingredients :
​1 Cup Boiled Corn - Blitz half in a mixi for 2 zaps.

The Topping :
2 Baked Potatoes - You can use boiled too.
2 Tablespoons Cream.
Parmesan Cheese.
Generous Pinch of Thyme.
Gently boil the milk in the above for 10-12 minutes , take off heat , leave covered.Wonderful flavors and aromas are by now infused in the milk.Keep covered and begin making your sauce , remember to strain the milk and discard all the flavoring agents before using the milk
Heat butter , don't allow it to get to sizzling point , add flour and keep mixing and cooking on a low flame . You will observe the sides begin to bubble after 1 minute or so . Keep heat low - that's important . This is a ' roux '. Turn heat off , and in one shot add the entire strained warm milk. Keep whisking to merge , return to low heat and cook till the sauce coats the spatula - a few minutes .
Your basic white sauce in  now ready .Add the cream if using , and grated cheese if you are making cheese sauce . Blend till it's of a thick soupy consistency - add milk if needed .You have just made a delicious sauce - the base for many an exciting dishes .
I then added boiled and half crushed corn into the cheese sauce and ended up with a delicious Corn in Cheese Sauce 
​. To serve on toast I thickened the cheese sauce a bit , or else I leave it a bit runny.

The Topping- This is optional.
Crumble peeled potatoes while warm , mix in cream , cheese and seasoning , spread over the corn , dot with butter and bake at 180C till you get some color on the potato.

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